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Did you know that there are ten different types of rugby balls? So much choice, but how do you buy the right rugby ball for you? We at Rugbymagazijn are happy to help with this.

A rugby ball always consists of 4 panels of a waterproof material that are sewn together in an oval shape. There are different sizes. The most common sizes are 3, 4 and 5. A size 5 rugby ball is approximately 28-30 cm and each size smaller means a smaller rugby ball. But how do you know which size ball suits you best?

  • Size 5 from 13 years and older
  • Size 4 to approximately 12 years (up to minis).
  • Size 3 to approximately 8 years.
  • Size 2 these are the midi rugby balls
  • Size 1 these are the mini rugby balls

What is the difference between a supporter rugby ball and a replica rugby ball?

The replica rugby balls are made of 3 layers and have a rubber surface for maximum grip. The image on the replica rugby ball is often identical to the image on the match ball of that specific club or country. The supporter rugby balls are approximately € 10 cheaper than the replica rugby balls, this is because the supporter rugby balls are made of 2 layers. 

What is the difference between a training rugby ball and a match ball?

Match rugby balls are always size 5. These match rugby balls are more expensive because they are made of natural rubber and therefore have more grip. The match rugby balls have a valve in the seam of the panel so that the valve has no effect on the spinning of the ball. 

Beach rugby balls & sponge rugby balls

Beach rugby balls are extra strong for playing rugby on the sand. The beach rugby balls have more grip than a regular rugby ball and are always a size 4 rugby ball. The sponge balls are a size 1 rugby ball and have a sponge filling making them soft and perfect for the littlest rugby fans.

Skills rugby balls

To improve your rugby skills, there are skills rugby balls. In the next Rugbymagazijn blog we will write all about the different skills of rugby balls.


To enjoy a rugby ball for longer, we recommend keeping the rugby ball clean and dry. You must regularly inflate the rugby ball to a maximum of 9.5 psi. If you order a rugby ball online, to prevent damage to the rugby ball, the rugby ball will be sent uninflated.

Do you need help choosing or can't find what you're looking for? Let us know, because we are happy to help!

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