Rugby balls


    How do you buy the right rugby ball? Rugbymagazijn is happy to help you with that.
    There are different types and sizes of rugby balls. A rugby ball always consists of 4 panels of a waterproof material that are sewn together in an oval shape. There are different sizes. The most common sizes are 3, 4 and 5. But how do you know which size ball suits you best?

    • Size 5, cubs to seniors.
    • Size 4, up to about 12 years (up to minis).
    • Size 3, up to about 8 years.

    Competition balls are always size 5. These balls are often of better quality than training balls, but also more expensive because they are made of different materials and have slightly more grip. Beach rugby balls are always size 4.
    The balls are not shipped inflated. You can also order pumps on the site.