About us

Rugbymagazijn was born from a passion for rugby. After nearly 20 years on the sidelines as parents of enthusiastic rugby players, our love for the sport has only grown. Yearly searches for the perfect pair of rugby shoes in France, or ordering that special rugby shirt from England, made us realize that we were missing an online rugby store in the Netherlands where we could find everything. Add to that the regular occurrences like countless mouthguards lost over the years, studs that went missing, and rugby socks worn out, and the idea for Rugbymagazijn was born.

Rugbymagazijn.nl has been an online store where all rugby items can be found for several years. Since 2020, it’s not just online, but there is also a physical store in Bussum, because trying on rugby shoes is also quite important.

Rugby is a team sport, and the same goes for the team at Rugbymagazijn. What started as a webshop run by a parent with a passion for the sport has now grown into a family business with a webshop, a physical store, a supplier of club clothing and materials, and a pop-up store at rugby events. Father (Cees) and son (Kevin Krieger, a former player of the Dutch national men's team XV’s) have been running Rugbymagazijn together since this year. So it's run by a team that truly loves rugby and knows what’s important for every rugby player from junior to pro.

Need advice on choosing a pair of shoes or have a question about training equipment? We're here to help! Because that's rugby too.

Team Rugbymagazijn